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Home > Articles on Health > A New Type of Chromium Supplement

A New Type of Chromium Supplement

by Andrew Myers,N.D.

Chromium is an important mineral for those concerned about blood sugar levels. But what is the best way to get it?

AIM has developed something we call "leaf-brand" nutrients. We use the barley plant (naturally!) to provide specific amounts of a specific nutrient. The first product to use this innovative technology is AIM GlucoChrom, which contains chromium as it is found in the barley leaf.

In this technology, barley grass is grown hydroponically (where nutrition is supplied through liquid rather than soil). At the right time in the growing cycle, we use a proprietary process to alter the growing environment and increase the levels of a specific nutrient. We are thus able to grow barley leaf that contains the amounts of chromium we specify. There is no hybridization or genetic alteration.

We cannot underestimate the importance of this breakthrough. Traditionally, many mineral supplements have been made from inorganic minerals—those that have been mined from the earth or developed in a laboratory. Only a small portion of inorganic minerals is assimilated by the human body.

Chelated minerals, where the mineral is bound to an organic substance, increases assimilation, but how well depends on the chelation process. Most mineral chelates are compounds not normally found in nature and may even be viewed as foreign substances by the body.

Plants are the ideal mineral factory. They take up both inorganic and chelated minerals and convert them to small, water-soluble molecules. Plant-bound minerals have been found to be more soluble in simulated gastric and intestinal fluid and therefore are potentially more bioavailable than other supplements.

If this is the case, why not just eat more plants? We should, of course, eat as many plants as possible. The problem is that today’s growing conditions are not ideal. Soil is often depleted of important minerals and contains contaminants. As well, the stress of living in today’s polluted environment means that the nutrition we get from plants may not be enough.

AIM leaf-brand nutrients will allow us to provide standardized plant-bound nutrition to the body. We truly believe this is the future of nutrition. You’ll learn more about this exciting green barley innovation in the future.

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GlucoChrom AIM GlucoChrom
Combines vanadium, gymnema sylvestre, bitter melon and chromium to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
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