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Frequently Asked Questions about BarleyLife


How is AIM BarleyLife produced?
AIM BarleyLife is produced in the rich and pure land of Canada. Canada is rich in soil, water, and air; perfect for the production of Barley. Barley is grown from a variety of seeds, allowing a longer harvest time. When their nutrients are at their freshest, the leaves will be harvested using the most up to date equipment. The leaves are then juiced using the most efficient cold-processing method to ensure maximum nutrition. Using a low temperature process, the juice is spray-dried to preserve the balance of nutrients.

Can I use AIM BarleyLife while being on other medication?
Before you take barley, you should consult your health practitioner first if you’re taking other medication. If your doctor allows you to eat salads, or green vegetables, then you can take AIM BarleyLife.

Who should not use AIM BarleyLife?
Most individuals should be able to take Aim BarleyLife because it is a whole food concentrate. However, those who have severed medical problems or complications should consult with their health practitioner before consuming barley. Also, individuals who are on a restricted diet, should consult their health practitioner.

I just started using AIM BarleyLife and it made me feel worse, why?
Barley is a huge change in your diet, as it cleanses your body by detoxifying. The detoxification process can cause you to feel some fatigue, rashes, and headaches. This is your body’s way of flushing out the toxins.

What is maltodextrin?
AIM’s maltodextrin is a complex carbohydrate, derived from cornstarch. It is a soluble, which means it is dissolvable, which acts as a buffer separating enzymes and other molecules apart. This buffer zone will prevent molecules from reacting and denaturing. This is a complex sugar that helps molecules continue to provide your body with healthy benefits.

What are the benefits of Kelp in Aim BarleyLife?
Kelp is added to our BarleyLife for its additional minerals and vitamins, which help better increase your metabolism. Having a lot of minerals in your diet will help with enzymatic reactions in your body. Barely grass is already rich in minerals, adding kelp, will add an even richer amount of minerals to your diet.

What are the functions chlorophyll do?
AIM BarleyLife is rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a natural detoxifier that filters out toxins inside of your intestines. It can also help to reduce bad breath germs.

AIM BarleyLife® new harvest powder

Why is Aim BarleyLife’s new harvest much smoother than the original?
We have developed a new shorter spray-dryer that produces smaller particles. With these smaller particles we see an increase in the amount of dispersion, which provide a more uniformed distribution in liquid. The smaller particles are more soluble, or dissolvable in liquid, producing better taste. Because of this new shorter spray-dryer, we are able to produce a smoother texture, an improved solubility when mixed with water or juice, thus producing a better tasting product for you.

Are there more natural sugars in AIM BarleyLife® new harvest?
The new BarleyLife contains the same amount of natural sugars as the old barley. Each 5g serving still contains only 1 g of natural sugars, derived mainly from the barley juice.

AIM BarleyLife® Capsules

Are capsules completely vegan?
Yes, AIM BarleyLife® capsules are completely vegetarian in composition and acceptable in a vegan diet.

How long does it take for the Barley capsules to dissolve?
AIM’s vegetarian capsules usually dissolve within 5 to 10 minutes in water. Dissolution may be more rapid in the stomach’s acids.

AIM BarleyLife® Xtra

What is Lo Han and why is it used in AIM BarleyLifeXtra?
Lo Han, is a plant from the cucumber and melon family. It has been used in China for centuries as a sweetener. We extract this with water and dry it, to get a taste significantly sweeter than sucrose. This allows us to regulate the amount of natural flavoring we use, which will ultimately maximize the nutrients from our barley juice. We do all this and still provide a sweet natural fruit taste.

Does AIM BarleyLife Xtra contain more Vitamin C than any other variety of BarleyLife?
Yes, AIM BarleyLife Xtra contains the highest percentage of Vitamin C per serving than any other AIM BarleyLife product. Acerola cherry powder, which is one of the richest and highest sources of natural Vitamin C out there, is used in our AIM BarleyLife Xtra. We have 15 fruit and vegetable powders that are used to flavor the BarleyLife Xtra, bringing the drink huge amounts of nutritional content, including an increased level of Vitamin C.

Does the natural cream flavor come from dairy cream?
Our natural cream does not contain any dairy products. Our natural cream flavor comes from a combination of naturally derived ingredients that taste exactly like cream. These ingredients come from vegetable sources, making it acceptable for vegetarians.

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