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Frequently Asked Questions about JustCarrots

What is beta carotene, and can I take too much of it?
You can take as much beta carotene as you feel necessary. This is a nontoxic product, and it seems to only positively affect your health, by strengthening the immune system. Beta carotene is very different from Vitamin A supplements, which are very toxic when taken in large doses. People, who do take large doses of beta carotene, may experience a change in skin tone. This condition is called carotenemia, and it turns the skin to a golden tone, and is not harmful.

Are the carrots you use in you AIM Just Carrots, organically grown?
Due to the environment and varying regulations, it isnít easy defining what qualifies as organic. Acid rain can affect the soil and the wind can blow and carry chemicals on to farmlands. As you can see there are a lot of factors that can affect how vegetables grow. The qualifications for products to be considered organic vary from state to state. Some states claim that products have to grow on a field where there have not been chemicals for two years, with other states claim three years. One thing is very clear though, our AIM Just Carrots are tested for pesticides and herbicides to ensure our customers that it is residue-free.

What are the processing steps used for AIM Just Carrots?
To process our Carrot juice, we use three special steps. In this process, we make sure that the heat-sensitive enzymes are not destroyed. We make sure the enzymes are not destroyed by testing their activity in water.

Why is it that AIM Just Carrots does not taste exactly like carrots?
The reason for this is that the process we discussed above, changes the taste a little. We want to make sure that during the processing steps, that the nutrients remain abundant. We figured that this product was better off having a slightly different taste than carrots, but still remain rich in nutrients.

Are there studies that indicate beta carotene is bad for you?
Recently, the media has developed some misconceptions about beta carotene by linking it to cancer. There was a study called the NCIís CARET, where they proved that beta carotene did not prevent cancer. However, the media did not tell the whole story. There were 14,254 smokers or former smokers, who smoked at least a pack a day for 20 years, and 4,060 participants who have been exposed to asbestos for 15 years on the job participating in this study. These are the two major cause of lung cancer. In studies that show positive results, beta carotene and vitamin A were in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables. For this particular study, the vitamin A and the Beta Carotene used was in the form of synthetic supplements.

A more accurate result of this test is that it showed beta carotene did not prevent smokers and those exposed to asbestos from developing lung cancer. It might be safe to say that before these participants started taking beta carotene, their bodies were already infected with the cancer. There are many health practitioners that advise smokers from not using synthetic beta carotene.

There are many studies that show the positive results and health benefits of using beta carotene. There are many tests that show this product might, in combination with other substances found in plants, prevent tumors and heart disease. The NCI advise people to create a healthier low fat diet by eating natural products like fruits, vegetables, and grains.

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