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Frequently Asked Questions about Composure

Why donít you use whole herbs instead of using herbal extracts?
Health practitioners are debating on which is healthier, whole herbs or herbal extracts. One side of the debate believes that whole herbs give us the all of the elements found in plants. They believe that extracts will take some of these elements away. The other side of the debate believes that extracts make it possible for our bodies to control the amount of active substances. Both sides of the argument have evidence to back up their theories.

We supply extracts because we try to supply our customers with a wide range of products.

If these herbs are also in AIM Herbal Fiberblend, why do I need to take Compsure?
Our Fiberblend has a lot of the same herbal effect as our Composure, but it contains fiber. A lot of customers wanted to experience the health benefits from the herbs in fiberblend, but without the fiber. That is why we created AIM Composure, so that you can enjoy the herbs, but without the fiber. You can, of course, take AIM Herbal Fiberblend and get some of the herbal effect.

Can I take AIM Composure with other AIM products, like AIM Herbal Fiberblend?
Yes, you can take AIM Composure with other AIM products. Also, taking AIM Composure with AIM Herbal Fiberblend will help enhance the herbal benefits of AIM Composure.

Are there side-affects to this product, like sleepiness?
For some people, this products does cause sleepiness, and for others it does not. So it varies from person to person.

Should I take AIM Composure every day?
Whether or not you need to take composure everyday varies from person to person. Some people only find our composure useful during stressful times; while others use it on a regular basis to help improve their overall health. If you are using composure every day, you should consistently be doing that, or if you are taken it in times of stress, stay consistent with that, donít switch over to everyday usage. There is no health risk of using AIM Composure on a daily basis.

What is the best way to get optimal health benefits: when I take Composure during the day, or at night?
There is no set time to take composure. You can take AIM Composure whenever you feel it is needed. Some people take it during the day when stressful situations arise, while others take it in the evening to help relax before bed.

What are the different herbs found in Composure?
As mentioned earlier, AIM Composure uses herbal extracts, which means you can take less capsules and still get the same benefits. The quantity of active ingredients remains consistent. No harmful toxins or solvents were used when the extracts were obtained. They were obtained through a process that used water.

AIM Composure is 100 percent natural, with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. We did not add any sugars, salts, yeast, or fillers. Here is a list of the individual herbs that make up AIM Composure:
  • Alfalfa
    Health Benefits: blood, stomach
    Alfalfa is part of the green grass family, and is high in nutritional value. It is a good source of chlorophyll, beta carotene, and minerals. It can pull out nutrients from roots as deep as 130 feet making it especially rich in minerals.
  • Irish Moss
    Health Benefits: skin, lungs, kidneys
    Irish moss is rich in vitamins, as it contains vitamins A, D, E, and K.It also contains 15 of the 18 elements composing our human body. Finally, it is rich and high in iodine and calcium.
  • Marshmallow Root
    Health Benefits: kidneys, bladder, intestines
    Marshmallow Root was obtained from the Greek word, altho, meaning "to heal." Humbart Santillo, a professional in Natural Healing with Herbs, calls marshmallow root nourishing and healthy. Michael Castleman, in The Healing Herbs, believes that it can help improve the process of digestion.
  • Oatstraw
    Health Benefits: uterus, stomach, nerves, lungs
    Research and studies have shown that foods containing oat bran, like oatmeal, may help reduce high blood cholesterol. Oats contain numerous amounts of minerals, vitamins B1, B2, D, E, carotene, as well as wheat protein. Some people, like Santillo, in Natural Healing with Herbs, believes that oatstraw is good for the nerves, while others lik Penelope Ody, in The Complete Medicinal Herbal, notes that it may help with depression.
  • Passionflower
    Health Benefits: circulation, nerves
    Native Americans used Passionflower to soothe the nerves. There is evidence that proves this products helps calm you down. Its ingredients, maltol, ethyl-maltol, and some flavonoids can help with sedating, and another constituent, passi-florine, reportedly promotes calmness and ability to sleep. In Europe passionflower is used in sedative preparations.
  • Shavegrass (Horsetail grass)
    Health Benefits: kidneys, blood, heart, and lungs
    Shavegrass provides many health benefits and is a member of one of the oldest groups of plants on earth. It contains flavonoids and minerals. This plant has the ability to grow in poor soil with minimum moisture. It has been used since the sixteenth century both internally and externally usually as a powder. As an herb, the entire plant is used.
  • Slippery Elm Bark
    Health Benefits: whole body
    Slippery Elm Bark was used by Native Americans as a skin ointment. Because of its unique health benefits, it was at one time listed in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia, a book describing medicinal preparations. Castleman, in The Healing Herbs, and Ody, in The Complete Medicinal Herbal, have come to believe that the bark can help with digestion.
  • Yucca
    Health Benefits: blood
    Yucca is a cactus-like succulent, or juice, which is common to the western United Sates and most of Mexico. Native Americans most commonly used this herb for centuries as a soap for personal hygiene.

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