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Frequently Asked Questions about AIMega

Who would benefit from using AIMega organic seed oil blend?
Our Omega 3 6 9 formula is for customers, who are looking for that extra increase or burst of energy. Our AIMega is also useful at maintaining high cellular function, improving the health of you immune and cardiovascular systems. Finally, it helps the body blend good fats and essential fatty acids to help improve your inflammatory process.

What is the difference between omega-3 in flax oil and fish oil?
The main difference between omega-3 and fish oil, is that omega-3 contains a fatty acid called ALA. Portions of ALA can be converted into long chain fatty acids called eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexanoic acid (DHA). ALA offers a lot of health benefits, including supporting your heart health and your immune system. For our vegetarian customers, AIMega is a great healthy alternative.

How can ALA decrease the risk of a heart attack?
ALA is rich in oils and can help:
  • decrease the chance of blood clots
  • improve blood circulation and flow
  • lower cholesterol
  • reduce the chance of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is the leading cause of heart attacks, and strokes.
  • decrease inflammation
What are the health benefits of using monounsaturated fatty acids and MCTs?
Monounsaturated fats are healthy fats that can be very beneficial for your health when consumed in moderation. You use these fatty acids to replace saturated, or trans fats. These fatty acids found in oils, like olive oil, can help reduce bad cholesterol levels, and lower your risk of a heart attack and stroke. Monounsaturated fats are also very high in Vitamin E, a vitamin that seems to be missing in many North Americansí diets. Mixing monounsaturated fatty acids in combination with polyunsaturated acids in your diet can help balance the amounts of trans and saturated fats North Americans consume daily.

MCTs, or Medium Chain Triglycerides are fatty acids used for energy and to burn fat. They are easily digested and absorbed by the body. MCTs have been used to help fight digestive disorders and as a nutritional component for patients suffering from chronic disease. Combining MCTs with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, or ALA, can provide you with increased health benefits.

Why are rosemary extract and tocotrienols/tocopherols included in Omega capsules?
Rosemary extract and tocotrienols/tocopherols are powerful antioxidants which can help ensure the stability and quality of the oil found in our Omega capsules. They also can potentially provide additional health benefits because of their strong protective and antioxidant activities.

Do vegetarians need more ALA than Non-Vegetarians?
ALA in vegetariansí diets seems to be very low. Because of this they are required to intake more omega-3 than non-vegetarians. Based on the Adequate Intake recommended by the National Academies in their reference to dietary intakes, the average man should be taking about 1.6 g of ALA, while the average woman should be taking about 1.1 g of ALA, aged 19 to 70 years old. The US National Institutes of Health recommends that the average person should be consuming 1% of their calories with ALA, while Heath Canada recommends an intake of about 0.5% of their calories with ALA. Vegetarians are recommended to consume ALA for about 1-2% of their total calories.

Who should not use AIMega oil blend capsules?
Just like any other natural health product, there are some individuals who should not use our AIMega. Those who should not consume AIMega, are those individuals that are using or have: blood thinners, oral medications, gallbladder disease, or blood clotting. Finally, to those who are pregnant or are nursing, should consult a health care practitioner before they use this product.

What are some of the ingredients that are in AIMega oil blend capsules?
Our AIMega contains active oil and antioxidant ingredients. The capsule contains purified water, carob which provides a darker shell to protect the capsules against damage from exposure to the light, natural coloring, gelatin, and glycerin.

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