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Frequently Asked Questions about RevitaFem

Who would benefit from using AIM RevitaFem products?
Women, who are going through meopause, and are looking to avoid the discomforts will be interested in AIM RevitaFem.

Who should not take AIM RevitaFem?
People who should not take this product, include: children, men and women who are nursing or pregnant. Also, women who have pelvic inflammatory disease or experience extensive menstrual bleeding should not use AIM RevitaFem. Women undergoing estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) or hormone replacement therapy (HRT) should not use this product. To switch to a natural therapy, consult a health practitioner.

Are women who have had a hysterectomy able to use AIM RevitaFem?
Yes, they may. However, if undergoing ERT, they should consult a health practitioner.

May I take AIM RevitaFem with AIM Renewed Balance? How do they compare?
Yes, you may use both products at the same time. If using AIM Renewed Balance, start with one AIM RevitaFem veggie capsule.

AIM RevitaFem, with its combination of botanicals, exerts a myriad of protective effects on the body through hormone regulators; relaxing herbs; cooling herbs for hot flashes; and tonics for the blood, uterine, and urinary tract. Its corrective effect neutralizes or eliminates harmful substances providing greater overall balance to the body. These herbs work with your body not on it. The healing changes that occur may take longer to occur but they are often longer-lasting and risk-free.

AIM Renewed Balance is a powerful product that provides you with supplemental natural progesterone. Natural progesterone has the same structure as the progesterone manufactured by the body and provides direct and quick results.

May I take AIM RevitaFem with other AIM products?
Yes, you may. When using AIM Herbal Fiberblend ,make sure you take it one hour before or 30 minutes after taking AIM RevitaFem.

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