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CalciAIM for improved bone density

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14 oz Powder
Retail: $43.50
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CalciAIM is a natural citrus drink mix that provides several nutrients crucial to proper skeletal function and overall wellness. The product underwent careful formulation to determine the most beneficial types of calcium, the most effective method of delivery, and a combination of nutrients to help you achieve superior whole-body health.

A casual glance at the calcium sources in CalciAIM™ may surprise you. AIM used calcium carbonate, one of the most difficult forms of calcium to digest. The reason behind using this source of calcium was two-fold. First, calcium carbonate is the most abundant naturally occurring form of calcium found on Earth. Second, AIM used science to turn this poorly absorbable mineral salt into its most absorbable form, ionic calcium.

Benefits of CalciAIM
  • Provides a unique combination of calcium lactate, gluconate, and carbonate in a bioavailable drink mix
  • Vitamin D has been linked to prevention of cardiovascular problems, psoriasis, risk of osteoarthritis, and unexplained muscle and bone pain
  • Stevia and xylitol provide the sweetness without the added sugar or concern of cavities
  • An optimized calcium delivery system superior to tablets or capsules
Features of CalciAIM
  • Each serving contains 386 mg of calcium, 38 percent of the recommended daily intake
  • An easy-to-use recommended serving chart based on age
  • Provides a juice blend of mandarin and Valencia orange, carrot, Tahitian lime, and lemon that contribute natural occurring calcium from fruit
  • Contains significant amounts of the complementary calcium nutrients including magnesium, zinc, copper, and vitamins D, A, and C
  • No added sugars, artificial colors, or sweeteners
  • Ideal pH for creating the most absorbable form of ionic calcium

How to use CalciAIM

We provide you with a Daily Reference Intake chart, which shows you the recommended amount of CalciAIM servings per day. These recommended servings will vary based on each individual’s diet, and calcium requirements for each stage of life. This chart is divided into age brackets, outlining the amount of calcium an individual should take based on his or her age. This chart was established by the Food and Nutrition Board, the Institute of Medicine, and National Academies.

Suggested Use: Mix one rounded scoop (8.33 g) with 1 - 10 oz (240 - 300 ml) of cold water. Best taken with food.

Recommended Daily Servings
Age Recommended
Calcium from
Daily Reference
4 - 8 1 386 mg 800 mg
9 - 18 1 772 mg 1,300 mg
19 - 50 1,000 mg
Over 51 3 1,158 mg 1,200 mg

For more information, please visit these pages:

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