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AIM Herbal Release

AIM Herbal Release is a blend of herbs and extracts that work with your body to detoxify the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system consists of the lymphoid organs, which are spread throughout the body. These include bone marrow, the thymus, lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes and spleen, as well as the adenoids and tonsils. The lymphatic system and lymphoid organs get their name because they are involved with the growth, development and deployment of lymphocytes, white blood cells that are key to the immune system.

The lymphatic system plays the central role in building immune response. It enables the body to rid itself of bacteria and viruses, filter foreign substances and cell debris from the blood and produce lymphocytes. It removes toxins that originated in the environment and toxic waste products that our cells produce as part of their metabolism. If these toxins are not removed, they can build up in the blood.

Herbal Release Benefits and Features
  • Helps maintain immune health
  • Helps maintain a healthy lymphatic system
  • Cleanses the lymphatic system
  • Great for detoxification
  • 60-count vegan capsules
How to use Herbal Release
  • Take 1 to 2 capsules per day with meals. Drink more than 8 glasses of water per day while taking this product. Do not take for longer than 7 days. Alternate one week on and one week off.
  • Not recommended for children or pregnant or nursing women. People with kidney disease or high blood pressure should seek advice from a health care practitioner before use.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Close tightly after opening and store in a cool, dry, dark place. Do not refrigerate.

For more information, click here: Herbal Release datasheet

Herbal Release
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60 Capsules
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